Friday, December 07, 2007

Chalat Musafir

"It is one of Indian Cinema's tragic ironies that a sensitive and poetic film like Teesri Kasam sank without a trace indirectly leading to its producer lyricist Shailendra's death due to stress of financial problems caused by the failure of the film. The irony is even more so as today the film is recognised as one of the the all-time great films of Indian Cinema."

Many, many years ago BCP (Before Couch Potato), the BBC World Service (radio) had a superb program show called Desert Island in which one Person of Consequence would put together a complation of music ( I think the list was limited to 10) that he or she would take with them if they happened to be marooned on a desert island
Teesri Kasam would definitely figure on my list. Sajanre Jhoot Mat Bolo, Sajanwa Bairi Ho Gaye Hamar, Duniya Bananewale all sung by Mukesk's difficult to choose which makes my heart ache more.
But this delightful song, along with "Pan Khaye Saiyyan Hamaro" is one of the film's happier moments.


Pragya said...

One of my favorite Hindi soundtracks too! Have all the songs memorized.

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